Friday, January 19, 2007

Wonderful Women's Golf Store

I have been debating whether to share this great golf store site with anyone. I admit I wanted to keep it my little secret. During my travels on the internet, I found Lori's Golf Shoppe.
I was like a kid in a candy store the first time I looked through what Lori had available. These are women's items you won't see at your local pro shop. Well, maybe some of them but not the selection that is offered here. I probably will never buy some of the expensive items shown but, jeez, I love to look at them!

Is this not one sharp golf bag? It is priced at $299.99 which is a little higher than I'd like to pay.

But then how about this cutie for only $99.99? This is the one my husband got for me for Christmas. He was happy he didn't have to shop for me!

For all you Pink Ribbon girls, there is a Pink Shoppe. There are also tons of great clearance deals on shoes, gloves, bags, etc. Great jewelry, too! I ordered these socks for a Christmas present. They say "Mulligan Queen" on the top! I don't know where Lori finds these items but I am impressed.

The prices are very reasonable. Also, Lori has generously offered anyone who orders through my site a special one time discount of 20% which can be used now through December 31, 2007. When ordering, you will need to enter Coupon Code SL011906. What a nice deal! She usually has regular ongoing discounts available on her Storefront page, too.

So now you know my favorite place for adorable women's golf items. I know you will not be disappointed by what you find there. Please don't blame me when your credit card bill comes due but do come back here and tell me about all the compliments you get on your cute golf stuff!

Lori was nice enough to give me permission to post her website and give us a discount. Thanks, Lori!


Suzy said...

Hi, Michick, just visited your store and ordered a book. Thanks

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